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Adding propane gas to an all-electric home can increase comfort, lower utility costs and significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


Reliability is a major benefit of adding propane to your home. Unlike electric appliances, most gas appliances continue working when the power goes out, keeping your family warm when electricity cannot.

Backup Power

With propane, there’s no need to worry about “rolling blackouts” that are becoming common with the aging US electric grid. Adding a propane-powered backup generator to your home is a great way to maintain power in the case of an outage. Propane backup generators also provide essential supplemental energy after natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina. In addition, you can add a gas fireplace to keep you warm year-round, even in these emergency situations.

Lower Utility Bills

Propane gas can save you money, right away: tankless waters heaters help lower your energy bill by only heating water when it is needed. Homeowners with propane gas can also use zone heating to significantly reduce utility bills. This technique involves using propane space heaters to heat only the areas of your home you frequently use. Gas fireplaces can also help lower utility bills.

Added Comfort

With electric heat pumps, air comes out of your vents only slightly warmer than the air outside, creating a cooler, drafty feeling in your home. With propane gas, air comes out of your vents at 115 degrees, so you’ll be warmer and more comfortable. Visit our product directory to start looking for heaters and other gas appliances.

Less Harmful Emissions

Using propane as a home energy source can significantly lower greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions compared to electricity and heating oil. Propane is so much cleaner, in fact, that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) designated it as a clean fuel under 2004’s Clean Air Act. Tankless water heaters use less energy – and therefore produce less emissions – by only heating water when you need it.

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