Propane Autogas School Buses Bring Cleaner Air to Students in Mobile

Propane Autogas School Bus Driving on Fall Covered RoadWith August in full swing, kids across the country are embarking on another school year. As of last year, more than 900,000 students across 48 states ride propane autogas buses to school. Blossman Gas branches service autogas school buses at more than a dozen school districts throughout the Southeast including districts in Virginia, Alabama, Florida, and Georgia. Autogas buses are a preferred alternative fuel solution for school districts because the fuel is cleaner than both its gasoline and diesel counterparts, and runs far quieter, resulting in a safer ride for drivers and students.

The Mobile County Public School Systems (MCPSS) in Alabama, has shown a tremendous commitment to improving air quality for the children in its region by choosing autogas. MCPSS transports approximately 26,000 total students to and from school daily. MCPSS put 10 new 2019 model buses operating on autogas in service for the 2019-20 school year and has 30 more autogas buses being built. They will have 172 autogas-fueled school buses in their fleet by the end of the school year. Each new autogas bus will displace about 40,000 gallons of diesel and emit 150,000 fewer pounds of carbon dioxide over its lifetime.

When speaking on serving the MCPSS, Branch Manager Chad Chavers at the Blossman Gas location in Mobile added, “Mobile County Public Schools have shown exceptional stewardship with its resources in choosing propane autogas to fuel its buses. They began with the need to increase the air quality for the 26,000 students being transported daily. Autogas met that requirement and lowered the operations cost of the buses. They are saving on maintenance vs diesel buses and saving on the cost of fuel.”

As school districts continue to look for ways to save money for things such as teacher salaries and additional programming opportunities for students and states become increasingly conscious of the imperative to reduce emissions for the improvement of air quality in their communities, citizens can look forward to seeing this alternative fuel used in more buses for child transport. Pat Mitchell, Director of Transportation for Mobile County Public School Systems, says “Our county school system and Blossman Gas has had a good partnership for quite some time. Blossman has been very accommodating to the needs of MCPSS.”