Lawn Care and Propane

Whether a company has more than 50 mowers or is a small two-mower operation, switching to propane-powered mowers keeps the focus on providing the best services to their customers instead of on the demands of gasoline. Propane costs less per gallon and offers flexible refueling solutions that can increase daily productivity.


Mowers running on propane have proven to have the same power as gasoline-powered mowers. In addition to comparable power, propane provides longer run times than gasoline with dual propane tanks – each providing 7.5 gallons for a total of 15 gallons of fuel per mower. One propane cylinder typically lasts all day and spare cylinders can easily be carried on a trailer, eliminating downtime spent at neighborhood refueling stations.

Fuel Savings

You can lower your mower fleet fuel costs by 40% by switching from gasoline to propane.  At a savings of over $1.00 per gallon when compared to conventional gasoline, the investment in going green really pays off. Total Lawn Care, a landscape maintenance company in Jackson, Mississippi, hasn’t had to worry about the price of gasoline when refueling its commercial mowers since 2011. During a two-month period alone in the summer of 2018, the company saved $1,100 with propane! Read more about Total Lawn Care HERE.

Reducing Emissions

In at least 35 states, summer brings Ozone Action Days. These can potentially park gasoline mowers for the duration of an alert. Fortunately, contractors can avoid downtime by operating a propane mower fleet. These days are declared when hot, sunny weather conditions react with pollution emissions to form high levels of ozone near the ground, which can cause asthma-like symptoms. The good news is that propane equipment is exempt from these restrictions in most areas. Propane mowers emit 15 percent fewer greenhouse gases than gasoline mowers, and 40 percent less carbon dioxide, putting them well within EPA and CARB emissions requirements. This allows operators to keep moving and keeps customers happy with their lawn care services.

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