Homemade Pasta Wind Chimes

We know how much families enjoy doing unique crafting projects with each other. It’s a great approach to getting kids involved in activities and bringing out creativity for everybody involved. Pasta crafts have been around a long time, giving kids the ability to make crafts while you prepare your own pasta dinner is a good use of time and allows for family bonding in the kitchen.

Pasta wind chimes might not make as a soothing, calm sound, but laughter is sure to be had after seeing an adorable set of dried pasta wind chimes.

Fun with Pasta Written on Blue Backgroud with Various Pasta


Box of small pasta shells




Paper bowl


Paint your pasta shells in a variety colors and your paper bowl. Allow time for paint to dry. Cut out several strings of yarn, all being the same length. Start gluing pasta shells to your string, starting at the bottom and working your way up to the top of the string pieces. Leave 2 inches at the top of each string without pasta shells.

Cut out a few more strings of yarn. Poke a hole in the direct center of your paper bowl, and fit your extra yarn pieces through the hole. Tie off the yarn into a loop on the top, and then off into a knot on the bottom to secure. The bowl will be used as the base.

Glue the two inches at the top of the yarn without pasta to the inside of your bowl, spacing them out evenly. Cut just below the last pasta shell on each string. This should give you different lengths all the way around. When you are finished, let the glue dry & find a place for you & your little painter to display your new craft.

See step-by-step images HERE.