Energy Unplugged with Stuart Weidie: A New Podcast Series on Modern Energy Solutions

Energy Unplugged with Stuart Weidie is a thought-provoking new podcast series that explores modern energy solutions in the U.S. and abroad. Stuart Weidie, President of Alliance AutoGas, and CEO of parent company Blossman Gas will be joined by co-host Mark Denton, Vice President of Business Development for Alliance AutoGas, and by rotating energy experts to speak on the current and future state of the energy industry and its technologies. Episodes will release on the first and third Tuesday’s of the month, with the inaugural episode available for steaming on Spotify April 6th.

“I am excited to work with Stuart Weidie on our new podcast, where we will debunk some of the myths and misinformation about various energy sources and data,” says Denton. “Our objective is to have guests who have expertise in different areas of energy in order to get to the facts about energy options for U.S. and international consumers.”

This first episode will feature Tucker Perkins, President of the Propane Education & Research Council. Perkins has worked in the propane industry for 26 years, having served as the director of business development for Inergy, chief executive officer of Premier Propane, and the chief operating officer of Columbia Propane, a unit of the Columbia Energy Group. 

“We are looking forward to providing perspectives from a wide spectrum of energy experts to inform our listeners of the opportunities, innovations and realities of the energy complex,” says Weidie. To listen, stream episodes on or on Spotify (link).

For further information, please contact Sam Raines, Communications Specialist for Blossman Gas at