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Deep-Fried Turkey - Safety First!

Deep-fried turkey is a favorite for Thanksgiving dinner. When safely done, it’s a fun and tasty experience for the whole family to enjoy.

Deep-Fried Turkey Recipe
  • NEVER fry a turkey indoors or on wood decks.
  • NEVER leave the hot oil unattended.
  • Set up “drain station” for hot turkey to cool.
  • Make sure the oil is completely cooled before disposing or storing.

For additional safety information, please read the USDA’s safety tips for deep frying along with for turkey safety basics.

Blossman's Family Favorite Deep-Fried Turkey Recipe!


Bayou Classic Cooker

20# Grill Cylinder

Bayou Classic Turkey Fryer Kit (Contains Stockpot, Rack, Lifter, Thermometer and Disposable Injector)


No bigger than a 12-14 lbs turkey or cooking time tends to overcook the outer layer OR it won’t fit into your frying pot.

Turkey needs to be completely defrosted. Pat dry inside and out.

Clean out the cavity of the turkey and remove the “done popper.”


Inject melted butter, garlic powder, fine salt, pepper, and a little bit of fresh lemon juice. (You can use any seasonings you prefer.) Inject turkey at multiple points and angles. The more the better.

Open a cold beverage of your choice while the turkey sets.

Heat oil to 350 degrees.

Carefully drop bird into fryer.

Cook 3 minutes per pound.

Add an additional 5 minutes of cook time.

Pull out turkey and cool.

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