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We are pleased to provide you with online services as an additional source of comfort and support when your busy day does not allow you to come and visit your local Blossman store. For specific information about your account, you can login to view account details, make payments, schedule gas delivery and set up service appointments. For more information about your payment opportunities, view payment information below. If you need gas right away, read below about your options.

Expand Your Service
If you’re already a Blossman customer and you would like us to do more for you, like adding another appliance or upgrading your existing appliances, we are here for you as the one-stop-shop for purchase, installation and hook-up. Explore our product directory, or visit your local Blossman store to get started.

Payment Methods

Blossman will provide you with a single consolidated bill for all of your products and services. All payment plan customers may take advantage of easy automatic payments. Payments may also be made online, in-person, or through the mail each month.

Electronic Funds Transfer
Funds are automatically transferred from your bank account to your Blossman account.

Credit Card
Blossman accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover cards. Payments may be made online,
in-store or automatically transferred from your credit card account to your Blossman account.

Cash or Check
Cash payments must be arranged in advance of time of delivery, or made in-store prior to delivery. Check payments may be received through mail or in-store.

Need Gas Now?

Are you running low on gas?

Please feel free to call your local Blossman store to speak to one of our representatives and we will schedule a delivery immediately.

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