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Running a household is a demanding job, and our Blossman families are always looking for ways to simplify, save, and feel secure. Approximately 8.4 million U.S. households rely on propane for home heating. Whether you need to heat the whole house or only one room, propane products provide clean, affordable, environmentally friendly ways to bring additional comfort to your home.

Don’t let a chilly evening stop you from enjoying the outdoors. With Blossman’s propane-powered gas fire pits and heaters, your deck or patio area can be as comfortable as your home. They’ll keep you warm and toasty-even if the power goes out.

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The average family spends over half of their waking hours in one room of their home. Save money and energy by using propane fireplaces and logs to enjoy the ambiance of a real fire with the push of a button. No messy ash cleanup or chopping firewood required.

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Why heat multiple rooms when you only need one area warmed? Propane space heaters offer the perfect solution and are designed to fit comfortably in most homes. If you do need the whole house heated, we have a heater for that too-that will keep you warm even if the power is out.

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