Commercial Patio Heater Program at Blossman Gas

Commercial Patio Heater

To support our local communities through the continuous and unprecedented challenges facing us all amid the COVID-19 pandemic, but especially the restaurant industry, Blossman Gas has developed a patio heater program to expand the outdoor dining season into this winter. Outdoor dining has been vital due to its ability to offer increased capacity at restaurants, and propane patio heaters can enable outdoor dining throughout the cold, winter months.

The program is designed for the specific needs of any restaurant. Our main goal at Blossman Gas is to make sure restaurant industry employees can concentrate on the needs of their restaurant, while we take care of all the propane needs. To assist restaurants open this winter, Blossman can ensure they are equipped with the needed patio heaters for outdoor dining, deliver the propane for the heaters, or create a storage system for propane cylinders so restaurants are always ready for business.

Propane offers its users flexibility due to its diverse selection of products, whether it’s for needs inside or outside. Appliances running on propane typically reduce energy costs, delivering better value and comfort than fuel oil and electric heating sources. By relying on propane for various applications in your home, including heating, you’re lessening your dependence on the electric grid in the event of an electric power outage. With propane you can still have heat, hot water and hot food during outages even in the worst of weather conditions.

For further information on the Blossman Gas Patio Heater Program, please email