Blossman Service Pak: Routine Maintenance for Gas Appliances

When propane appliances are installed or maintained improperly, it can become a hazard. To keep you and your family safe, Blossman Gas created the Service Pak, which offers annual maintenance and professional cleaning for your gas appliances. Just as your automobile benefits from regular service, your gas appliances operate better and longer when professionally maintained.

A Service Pak includes a trained Blossman technician conducting routine maintenance that the appliance manufacturers recommend. Plus, Blossman provides a detailed check of your appliance and your gas system to ensure that both are operating at peak performance.

The One Appliance Service Pak benefits include:

  • Complete tune-up and professional cleaning of the gas appliance
  • Thorough cleaning and inspection of internal working parts
  • Thorough checks for damage or wear to component parts
  • Inspection and test of the appliance safety system
  • A complete leak test and flow check of your gas system
  • Repair recommendations, if necessary
  • Automatic annual renewal
  • Priority service
  • No overtime charges
  • 15% discount on propane-related repairs

Ask us about adding additional appliances to your Service Pak plan.

The One Appliance Service Pak can cover all makes and models of gas appliances, furnaces, water heaters, gas logs, fireplaces, heaters, dryers, kitchen appliances, grills, lights, and propane tanks.

Enjoy the safest, most comfortable, and economical home possible by purchasing a Service Pak today. For further information email or call 1-888-Blossman.