Blossman Custom Payment Plan Plus Rewards Membership Program

Couple paying bills at table

Our Blossman Gas Custom Payment Plan Plus (CPP+) is easy to join and can provide financial relief in these difficult times. Available for a low cost of a $49.95 membership per year, customers can roll in an existing balance or prepare for future gas orders with payments spread out over a 12-month period.*

With the CPP+ Rewards Program, you will enjoy all the benefits of the Custom Payment Plan such as the Worry-Free Delivery Guarantee, in addition to exclusive CPP+ membership benefits.

*Existing balances rolled into CPP+ must have been made in the last 60 days. Please contact your local Blossman Gas store for further information.

Additional CPP+ membership benefits include:

10 cents below our lowest residential rate PLUS a guarantee that you will never pay more than an established yearly cap price

Limited $10 20# cylinder fills throughout the year

15% off any appliance purchase, excluding generators

We understand big, upfront payments can be overwhelming with the crisis our nation is facing. With Blossman CPP+, you will not have to worry about large bills while being able to account for a manageable monthly payment.  For more information on payment plans, call 1-888-BLOSSMAN or visit your nearest Blossman Gas store.

To make a Blossman Gas online payment, CLICK HERE.