Be Prepared for Hurricane Ian

Hurricane Ian is headed for the Southeast, and Blossman Gas has important safety tips for home propane users to ensure safety in the event of an evacuation.

Should you and your family evacuate, shut off your propane tank by turning the gas supply valve in a clockwise direction. Once the evacuation is complete, call your local propane provider to get your gas reestablished safely.

Have Enough Gas?

To ensure you have enough gas after the hurricane to last until you can get more, check your pressure gauge. To do that, look for a round dial that looks similar to a speedometer. Typically, it is located at the top of your propane tank next to the fill pipe. The numbers on the gauge range from 5-95. These numbers indicate the percentage of how much your tank is filled – NOT the number of gallons left in the tank.

If your gauge reads 30% or lower, it’s time to request a delivery. This allows enough time to get your request scheduled and delivered without the worry of running out.

How to Request a Gas Delivery

At Blossman Gas, we make it easy for you by offering multiple ways for you to order propane including calling your local store, texting, or ordering online.

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