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Palmetto Gas/Building Specialties Overview

Palmetto Gas/Building Specialties installs an array of outdoor living appliances, gas lines, gas tanks and gas logs as well as garage doors. Our professionals are licensed, certified and insured. We deliver propane to both residential and commercial customers.

Come visit our store where we have over 200 garage doors in stock, fireplace units and gas log displays, in addition to the brand new outdoor living showroom. Enjoy a cozy warm fire at the flick of a switch or extend your home with an outdoor living room, all while saving money. Palmetto Gas will keep your family comfortable year-round.

2517 Argent Blvd.

Ridgeland, SC 29936

(843) 379-6200

Palmetto Gas/Building Specialties is a Blossman Gas, Inc., company.

Fireplaces and Logs

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Fireplaces and Logs

Palmetto Gas will handle your every fireplace need, from new construction homes to remodel projects. The average family spends over half of their waking hours in one room of their house. Same money and energy by using a propane fireplace or propane logs to heat only the space you’re in, instead of the entire house. With multiple live burns on our showroom floor, we can help you heat your home efficiently and with style.

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Garage Door Systems

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Garage Door Systems

Palmetto Gas/Building Specialties provide sales, service, and installation of garage doors and door openers to residential and commercial customers. We stand behind each garage door we sell, and will proudly offer the best products available to meet your needs in a timely manner. Our experienced professionals can provide you with right door for you, as well meet your service needs to protect your investment.

Garage Door
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Outdoor Living

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Outdoor Living

Why leave the company of your friends and family to cook in the kitchen when you can grill in the open air with our selection of propane grills? No more hunting for lighter fluid or waiting for charcoal to be ready; simply turn a knob to enjoy quick and easy grilling.

With Palmetto Gas propane powered gas fire pits and heaters, your deck or patio area can be as comfortable as your home. Stop by our showroom to view our array of outdoor living appliances.

Outdoor Living Appliances
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