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Get the Propane Tailgate Grill Fired Up for Fall Football

Summer may be ending, but don’t stow away your grill just yet. With high school, collegiate, and professional football getting into full swing, it's time to move the BBQ from the backyard to the parking lot. Next time you support your favorite team, pack up the party and your portable grill.

Blossman Gas has six key Tailgating Tips to help you enjoy your experience!

Blossman Gas 6 Tips for Tailgating

1. Plan Ahead and Prep in Advance.

To avoid last minute scrambling or forgetting essentials, make a checklist of all the food, drink, and equipment you plan to bring. Do as much prep work as possible the night before. For example, if you plan to make omelets for breakfast, break and mix the eggs, add the herbs and whatever additional ingredients are going in, pour them into a jar, and then the next day all you need to do is pour them into the hot pan with butter. For your grilling: chop, season, marinate, and stow in the fridge the night before so you have more time to throw the football around.

2. Know the Rules.

Most stadiums have strict guidelines regarding when, where, and how people can tailgate. Save yourself some serious hassle by checking your athletic department or stadium website for tailgating rules and guidelines.

3. Meet the Neighbors.

If it's your first season on the tailgate circuit, be respectful of established "party lines." At many campuses and stadiums, tribes of tailgaters have been setting up in the same place for decades. Once you find these loyal fans, be sure to check out their setup—they're experts, and you're bound to learn something.

4. Be Smart and Only Cook with Propane.  

Cooking with a propane grill will dramatically cut down the start- up time by lighting easily with an easy-to-follow process. 1. Open the grill lid (cover) prior to anything else. 2. Open the propane cylinder value slowly to start the flow of gas. 3. Turn the burner control that is closest to the ignition switch to High. 4. Press the ignition switch one to two times to light the burner.  You are ready for cooking in 5 minutes, not 20 to 30 minutes like charcoal. Propane gas offers precise temperature control for those favorite recipes and costs about half to one-third as much to fuel as a charcoal grill.  You won’t have to hassle with charcoal bags or lighter fluid, and a huge plus is that propane grilling on average produces three-times less greenhouse gases than charcoal grilling.

5. Check your Equipment the Night Before and Pack Spares.

Check the weight of the propane tank. Nothing is worse than trying to find someone with a spare propane cylinder at the tailgate, because everyone else is using their own. Often, tailgating involves pulling into an overcrowded parking lot with no chance to leave and come back. Pack an extra propane cylinder and set of tongs.

6. Keep an Eye on the Clock.

Since your party start time is tied to kickoff, coordination is everything. If you've got a noon game, you'll need to get a REALLY early start. If your team plays at night, you can sleep in. Either way, you don't want to miss out on any of the good pregame dining or socializing. To figure out just how early to get to the stadium, make a list of all your pregame tasks and how long each takes, then work backward from kickoff time.

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