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Hurricane Matthew Preparation

As we all prepare for Hurricane Matthew, Blossman Gas wants to ensure the safety of our customers in the event of an evacuation. Should you and your family evacuate, shut off your propane tank by turning the gas supply valve in a clockwise direction. Once the evacuation is complete, call your local branch to get your gas reconnected safely. If you need assistance from Blossman Gas at any time during this period, please call the Blossman Gas Call Center at 1-888-BLOSSMAN.

 Be Prepared:  

  • Properly secure propane tanks, if safe to do so
  • Turn off the gas supply valve in a clockwise direction at the tank
  • Turn off the appliance pilot lights, control valves, and manual shut-off valves
  • Be sure there is an adequate supply of fuel in the tank
  • Remember that propane tanks should NEVER be stored indoors

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