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Winter Storms Affecting Propane Business

Winter storms have taken a toll on the propane business, making it harder to deliver the gas. The storms have slammed the nation, having a direct impact on the propane business.

"The cold up north along with the cold down south. The demand has been higher than the supply of the gas." says Kevin Baylot, manager of Blossman Gas in Florence

According to officials with the Mississippi Propane Gas Association, additional trucks are compensating for propane deliveries that cannot make it by rail.

"The transports are having a more difficult time getting the gas to the propane companies." says Baylot

Emergency declarations have also been issued by the U.S. Department of Transportation to ease restrictions on propane drivers, to get more supply trucks on the road to those places hardest hit by winter storms.Snow-covered Bushes

Customers say they're relying on their local gas companies to keep them prepared.

"When it get down low, we call them and they bring another one. We don't ever have to wait or worry about running out of gas." says Robert Young

Baylot tells us even though Blossman Gas is well prepared, customers can aid in keeping a decent propane supply.

"We tell them to keep a good eye on what their levels are in their tanks and give us much advance notice when they need gas as possible."

We're told propane has seen a jump in prices since the start of the new year due to higher demand in the wake of those winter storms slamming the nation.

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