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Hi there again Blossman customers! My favorite season is finally here! That means cooler weather and tailgating for your favorite team! Yay! If your house is like mine, there is someone going to football on Friday nights, then college ball on Saturdays and the pros on Sunday! Wow. Now in this busy football season, you are bound to be looking for some fun and easy appetizers to satisfy all those guys and gals gathering around the TV. Am I right? Well I've got a crowd pleasing recipe for you that is sure to score YOU some points... whether you are at home cooking on your propane cook top or at the stadium tailgating on your propane burner.

Winter is right around the corner! Let us remove one of Life’s little surprises from your winter and help you save on your on your energy bills by enrolling you in our Custom Payment Plan Plus. You can split your yearly expense for propane into more affordable payments over six, nine, or twelve months; and we offer you a never-out guarantee.

Just about everyone can think of a favorite stuffed animal that they have or had at one time. These soft toys are often very special to us and can help us to get through the good and the rough times that come our way in life. Since we see stuffed animals all over the place, it is easy to assume they have always been available. Where did stuffed animals, such as our Blossman Lammy, come from?

“Blossman takes excellent care of me and my gas appliances! I know I never have to worry about them working right!” Mr. Dill is a WWII veteran.

We are proud to highlight Greenville, South Carolina as our featured branch. In the past year the branch excelled in Appliance Service Pak sales. The Blossman Service Pak is an annual maintenance and professional cleaning for your gas appliances.