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School Bus Conversion Offers Clean Air and School Funding Opportunity

It’s back to school time, and there are so many decisions to make! Parents must choose lunchboxes, school clothes, pencil erasers, gym shoes, locker décor and so much more. The countless details and decisions clamoring for parents’ attention leave little time to consider the quality of air that our children breathe as they travel to and from school. Right now, U.S. school systems have funding opportunities through the Volkswagen Environmental Mitigation Trust Fund for converting their school bus fleets from diesel to propane: a reliable, clean and American energy source. A propane fueled bus significantly reduces harmful emissions, and dramatically improves the bottom line for school operating budgets. The savings leave more funding available for other important things such as teacher salaries, classroom supplies, or special education programs. School bus fleets across the country have been converting to propane fuel for environmental and fuel availability reasons for many years. Now that school districts are able to access this solution at a more economical price tag, it is a good time to start the conversation in your community. We work hard to give our kids the best we can – let’s work together to provide a cleaner air solution for them, too.