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How Will You Use Your Laundry Savings?

In today’s fast-paced world, the last place we want to spend extra time is in the laundry room. However most of us have experienced the stress of a damp button-down when late for work, or the panic caused by a wet jersey discovered moments before the big game. Propane powered gas dryers offer an efficient solution for these potential disasters and many other soggy emergencies, because propane dryers take one third less time than electric, allowing you to move on with your day faster. In addition, the average user can see a cost savings of up to 20% annually. Recently, we asked Blossman customers to tell us about their own experiences with a propane dryer.

When Carolyn Wallace from Clayton, GA purchased a Speed Queen dryer, she felt very skeptical of the advertised benefits. Carolyn shared with us that after putting her new propane dryer to work, she was truly surprised when the appliance dried clothing faster than any other dryer she’d ever used. “It works wonderfully… It’s a good thing.”

Kenny Ball from Sylva, NC is also very satisfied with his purchase. He knew the advantages of using gas from years of owning a commercial laundromat with propane powered dryers. Kenny shared that his dryer, “Heats up fast, and dries clothes a lot quicker than electric. Yeah, I’m satisfied with it.”

Homer Joe Fulcher from Gainesville, GA told us the dryer is one of the best things he’s ever bought. An added bonus is that Blossman technicians made Mr. Fulcher’s recent move fairly simple, as he transitioned from a house with natural gas, to a house that offered only electric. Blossman technicians installed a propane tank, and handled appliance conversion and hookups. Mr. Fulcher may have said it best, “I will never go back to an electric [dryer] – I’m just a gas person.”

If you want a clean energy option for your home that will make a positive impact on both your wallet and time, visit your Blossman Gas store today!