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Fall Home Improvements

How to Save Time and Money this School Year with Kitchen, Laundry Room & Water Heater Updates

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As the dog days of summer come to a close, parents with school-aged children are experiencing once again the rush of buying supplies, getting schedules in order, or finding a new route as an eldest child promotes up to a new high school or middle school. Starting a home improvement project that finishes before school starts could also lead to a fresh outlook for your family, so keep in mind the benefits of creating a healthier environment inside and outside of your home, saving water, increasing efficiency and saving money. Propane gas products can help you to achieve those goals! Get inspired to start a home improvement project you’ve had on the wish list, and Blossman Gas will help to make those wish list items come true.

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Kitchens and Laundry Rooms

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Kitchens serve as not only a place to prepare meals, but also a main gathering space in the home. A new propane cooktop or range costs one-third less than cooking with an electric range, delivers faster cooking times, more accurate cooking temperature and distributes heat more evenly.

Propane powered dryers work faster, cutting the cost of each load in half and drying in one-third less time when compared to an electric dryer. Propane dryers emit 68% less greenhouse gas emissions than electric dryers and 50% less carbon content.

What are Blossman's most popular propane appliances for savings & efficiency?

Boy in bathtubWater Heaters

A new propane water heater will save you money, reduce your energy load, offer a quicker recovery rate and give you more hot water! Check out the benefits of both tank and tankless propane water heaters.

Environmentally Friendly Propane

Propane creates far less pollution than the power plants supplying you with electricity, so you help protect the environment by providing cleaner, more breathable air. It is also insoluble in water so it presents no risk to soil and ground water supplies. Read more about environmentally friendly benefits of propane.

Servicing Your New Appliances - Blossman's Customer Service is #1

Your local Blossman Gas store will not only install, but will service your new appliances. The Blossman Service Pak is an annual maintenance and professional cleaning for your gas appliances. Just as your automobile benefits from regular service, your gas appliances operate better and longer when professionally maintained. Read more about the Service Pak. And remember, we always offer Free Delivery!

What We're Hearing from our Customers

Excellent customer service is what Blossman Gas is built on.

Tom and Jane Harrison, customers from our Greenville, SC, branch said to us, "Blossman service tech Donald Boothe, Jr. did an outstanding job at our house today in servicing my appliances. We really appreciated his professionalism and work ethic.”

Gary Duryea from Cartersville, GA, told us, "It seems rare today that businesses take the time and provide the necessary attention to service their customers properly. Blossman Service Tech Matthew shared his expertise, answered all of our questions, and was genuinely caring. It was a great experience. We will definitely continue to do business with Blossman.”

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