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Blossman Customers Love Their Gas Logs

Family by Propane Fireplace

Ed West and his wife Denise from Clayton, GA, love their 24” wild cherry Heatmaster logs that they purchased at Blossman Gas.

“When I came into the store with Denise, she was just looking for a set of logs for ambience for our home. She said she was just going to use them every now and then. So at first we got a 100lb cylinder. We quickly replaced that with 120lb cylinder, then over a period time, we didn’t use the logs just in the cold season but almost daily,” adds Ed. “We not only love the logs for the look, but for an efficient heating source for our home!”

Another happy and satisfied customer, Charles Bishop from the same GA/NC region of the country, had Blossman install the 30” Wild Cherry Logs at his family’s home in Scaly Mountain, NC. He and his wife use a lot of propane, and his wife Cindy told us that Charles turns the logs on when he gets up and they stay on most of the day – in both cold and hot weather. They liked the logs so much that they ordered another set for their house in Jasper, Alabama!Mother and daughter in front of propane fireplace

Angela Hedden from Walhalla, SC, and her husband Mitch ordered gas logs from Blossman to replace a very old set for a recent home purchase.

“As colder weather came upon us, the gas logs helped with warmth and most of all, a lower electric bill! When so many others we knew were complaining about their high electric bills, we were sitting back with no worries.”

The average family spends over half of their waking hours in one room of their home. Blossman Gas will help you to save money and energy by using a propane fireplace or propane logs to heat only the space you’re in, instead of heating the entire home. Look at some of the many gas logs, stoves, heaters, and fireplace choices Blossman offers.