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Julie May's Classic Cobb Salad

The History of the Cobb Salad

Cobb SaladHi there Blossman customers! We are officially SPRINGING now! YAY!!! And that means we'll be pulling out shorts and bathing suits and cute little sun dresses. Eeeek! Definitely time to get out and get moving and perhaps get a little bit more toned up from our winter hibernation. But if you are like me, you absolutely still want to be completely satisfied with your meal choices. So I have the perfect thing... a Classic Cobb Salad. 

The Cobb salad has been around since the depression era mid-1930's, so that definitely classifies it as an enduring "classic." At the cafe, we serve it with our creamy peppercorn dressing and folks can't get enough of it! Whether you are grilling the chicken on your propane cooktop or outdoor propane grill, I'm sure this will become a classic at your house as well.  Want to know the story behind the Cobb salad? There's a common misconception that there's corn in it (there is not). The Cobb salad was named for its creator, Robert Cobb, the manager of the Brown Derby restaurant in Los Angeles way back in the 1930's. It was a hit with all the figure-conscious starlets, who just wanted something to pick at. Being that it was during the depression, the salad ingredients would have all been something that could have come from the backyard (the chicken, the eggs, the produce, etc.), and the blue cheese would have given it a touch of something glamorous and may have been locally produced, or something the hostess could have splurged on.   

Happy Spring!

Download the ingredients HERE.  

View the full recipe HERE.

Julie May, PhD

Owner - Asiago Specialty Cheese Cafe


Julie May HeadshotBlossman customer Julie May, PhD, author of the blog Menu Musings of a Modern American Mom and a published cookbook of the same name lives in Hattiesburg, MS, where she also finds time to work as a professor of anatomy and physiology and to raise her four kids. Her mission? To get people cooking at home with their families, not just for their families.