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Blossman Customer Chooses Propane Over Electric

Recently, a new propane tank and water heater were installed at the home of Blossman customer Komron Saadati, outside of Greenville, SC. His story of why he chose propane over electric when the time came to change out his water heater is consistent with what Blossman hears from so many customers!

Shower Head with Water

"I was already considering propane gas as an alternative because the potential for onsite storage capacity seemed like an added safety feature. At this time, my old water heater tank started leaking and I saw Blossman's billboard. I also heard from a friend that Blossman provided professional installation at competitive prices.

 We thoroughly enjoy the improved capacity of our new hot water heater and how much more efficiently it works. We always used to run out of hot water with the old electric water heater. Now, two people can take a shower at the same time and can even do the dishes. Also it would take as much as 20 minutes once the hot water went out before it was hot again. Now it seems to be back after 5 minutes.

 The water heater was our first entry into using propane. We do not have other propane appliances at home, but I am considering adding some in the future and as our budget prudently affords.

What I like most about using propane is the high efficiency, and the fact that it is better for the environment. I am a full time worker for a Christian non-profit that ministers to homeless women, men, and children. Perhaps what I like best is the added security of knowing that even if for some reason electricity and natural gas service are temporarily interrupted for whatever reason, I still have access to hot water and the fact that I save on average $20-30 off of my electric bill with the change.

 The Blossman staff in Greenville did a great job helping me, event through the permitting process. It all went very quickly. It was a very pleasant experience."            

 -Komron Saadati


Komron Saadati is Level 2 Counselor at Miracle Hill Ministries Overcomers Center in Greenville, SC, and a new Blossman Gas customer. The Blossman Gas branch store in Greenville annually provides propane and tanks to the WSSL Turkey Fry which feeds over 2000 people on Thanksgiving from the Miracle Hill Miniseries shelters.