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Preparing for Power Outages During Hurricane Season

Taking the right precautions and planning ahead is especially important during hurricane season. An ideal way for you, as our customer, to prepare for a power outage is to install a standby generator system. Fueled by propane,standby generatorsautomatically keep the power on when a home's primary power source goes out, allowing you to run appliances like air conditioners, heaters, refrigerators, clothes washers/dryers and lights.   


Blossman Gas wants to provide you with useful information on using portable generators during power outages and how to avoid injury. To do that, we are going to remind you of a few important safety measures

Visit for more tips on how to keep your family safe during a hurricane. For information on generators, contact your nearest Blossman location, visit the generators page of the Blossman Gas website, or take a look at the Blossman Gas Spring/Summer product catalog.