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Just about everyone can think of a favorite stuffed animal that they have or had at one time. These soft toys are often very special to us and can help us to get through the good and the rough times that come our way in life. Since we see stuffed animals all over the place, it is easy to assume they have always been available. Where did stuffed animals, such as our Blossman Lammy, come from?

The concept of stuffed animals is reflected in paintings that date back long ago to Ancient Egyptian and Mesopotamia civilizations. It appears that stuffed animals had a purpose in religious ceremonies, as well as for the purpose of human play. Toys became a booming industry during the Industrial Revolution in Europe. Soft toys became increasingly popular among the population with the Steiff Corporation of Germany quickly becoming the industry leader. However, all stuffed animals are not always made by mechanized industry, and a great deal of stuffed animals have been found homemade with stuffing full of straw, cotton, batting, rags, and even beans. Among the most popular stuffed animals, the teddy bear and the sock monkey, there is another ranked toward the top of the list—the lamb, just like our own Blossman Lammy! Today, literally hundreds, if not thousands, of companies produce stuffed animals for sale worldwide.

Our stuffed animal, the Blossman Lammy, who can be seen in this commercial, is here to go home with you and your family! At Blossman we know the importance of being comfortable, and our Lammy is here to bring a little more of that comfort to you. Whether out running errands or sitting in front of your gas logs, we hope Lammy can remind you that Blossman delivers more than propane.