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The Blossman Custom Payment Plan is designed to keep you and your family comfortable all year long with hassle-free gas service. We take care of everything. You'll enjoy equal monthly payments, free of interest charges and surprises, and the peace of mind that comes with our Never-out Guarantee. Custom Payment Plan customers saved, on average, $300+ last winter!

Hear from two of Blossman's happy Custom Payment Plan Customer!

Blossman Customer Never Worries About Having Heat

Debra Woodall, from Clayton, Georgia is a happy Custom Payment Plan customer. “I have been on the Blossman Custom Payment Plan since August, 2008 and then I went to the Custom Payment Plan Plus in 2010. Blossman is the best. I never worry about not having heat and I am happy with my monthly payment. Everyone needs to be a Custom Payment Plan customer!

I Now Budget My Monthly Payment with Other Utility Bills

Tammy Garrison, from Clayton, Georgia has been a Custom Payment Plan customer since September, 2010. “Before I got on the Custom Payment Plan, I was always having to pay an interest charge and running out of propane since I didn’t want to add to my already delinquent bill. I am now a very happy customer! Not only do I stay warm but I stopped having to pay interest charges. Now I budget my monthly payment in with my other utility bills.”    

Visit the Blossman Payment Plans page to learn more about the Blossman Custom Payment Plan.