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Blossman Propane Gas is providing 10 Top Energy Saving Tips consumers should know during the cold weather season. One of the key benefits of propane is that it doesn’t degrade or go bad like other fuels, making it safe and easy to store during the winter months.

  1. Change your furnace filter monthly. Clean filters will increase efficiency. If on a monthly payment plan, use receipt of your monthly propane bill as a reminder.
  2. Run washing machines, clothes dryers, and dishwashers with a full load.
  3. Keep your blinds open to let natural sunlight help heat your home.
  4. Check your insulation: If the gap around a door or window is wider than a nickel, reapply exterior caulk.
  5. Gather the unused propane cylinders bought for gas grills, mowers, or forklifts. Secure the cylinders in an outdoor storage cage or other protected storage area away from ignition sources.
  6. Mark your propane tank with a flag, pole, or stake, higher than the average snow cover depth for your area. These markers will help you avoid plowing into or shoveling snow on top of your tank.
  7. Maintain winter access to your outdoor storage tank, keeping a path clear of snow and ice.
  8. Take advantage of automatic delivery options, like Blossman’s Custom Payment Plan. This allows the propane retailer to efficiently plan a route and keep your tank adequately supplied.
  9. To get the most out of your heat supply, avoid blocking any vents with drapes or furniture.
  10. Consider using timers on your lights to turn them on during the morning, but off during peak daylight hours

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If you are in need of a fall maintenance check in your home or propane-powered appliances such as water heaters, fireplaces, gas logs or space heaters, visit your closest Blossman Gas location. A Blossman serviceman will help you through any or all service needs, regardless if you are a current customer or not. You can also visit the Blossman Gas Appliance pages or take a look at Blossman's 2014 Fall/Winter Catalog to browse an extensive line of propane-powered appliances.

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