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Hi there again Blossman customers!  My favorite season is finally here!  That means cooler weather and tailgating for your favorite team!  Yay!  If your house is like mine, there is someone going to football on Friday nights, then college ball on Saturdays and the pros on Sunday!  Wow.  Now in this busy football season, you are bound to be looking for some fun and easy appetizers to satisfy all those guys and gals gathering around the TV.  Am I right?  Well I've got a crowd pleasing recipe for you that is sure to score YOU some points... whether you are at home cooking on your propane cook top or at the stadium tailgating on your propane burner.  Even if you aren't a big football fan, these are a huge hit with little ones as an after-school snack.  So without delay, click on over to my blog, MenuMusings for step-by-step directions of how to make my Happy Hour Pizza Rolls!   I mean, who doesn't love melted cheese sticks and the taste of pizza all together?  These can be made ahead of time with only a few simple ingredients will definitely be appreciated by all! 

There have been so many wonderful things happening!   I am so honored to be featured in Taste of Home's Oct/Nov 2014 issue of Simple & Delicious, and I just received an email invitation to be featured in the next issue of Eat.Drink.Mississippi!  And last but certainly not least, my cookbook Menu Musings, just came out in publication this month and they are available now for immediate delivery.  How exciting to finally hold them in my hands!  The cookbooks are quite innovative in the fact that they are the first ones I've ever known about to be "interactive."  I'll explain that.  Each recipe comes with its own QR code that you can scan with your smart phone or tablet to get transported back to the blog for full step-by-step photos, videos and more!  If you would like more information, you can check out the book at  And of course they are readily available on as well.