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We are proud to highlight Greenville, South Carolina as our featured branch. In the past year the branch excelled in Appliance Service Pak sales. The Blossman Service Pak is an annual maintenance and professional cleaning for your gas appliances. Just as your automobile benefits from regular service, your gas appliances operate better and longer when professionally maintained.

According to manager Bart Moffett, a Service Pak provides a great service option for our Blossman customers, “As a Service Pak customer, they have the assurance that when it comes time to use their appliance, it will be ready and work safely.  The cost for potential repairs is discounted and they are free from overtime charges. For Blossman, Service Paks provide the branches with a tool to address inevitable busy season service calls far in advance, thus reducing the overwhelming cold season pressure on the service department.”

He adds, “Our customers appreciate the comfort in knowing their appliances are ready to use when they are.  Customers with multiple homes enjoy the confidence that while away their appliances continue to operate properly.”

Blossman Appliance Service Pak benefits include:

  • Complete tune-up and professional cleaning of the gas appliance
  • Thorough cleaning and inspection of internal working parts
  • Thorough checks for damage or wear to component parts
  • Inspection and test of the appliance safety system
  • A complete leak test and flow check of your gas system
  • Repair recommendations, if necessary
  • Automatic annual renewal
  • Priority service
  • No overtime charges

Visit our Maintenance Plans page for more information on Appliance Service Paks.

Editors Note: Other Blossman branches obtaining a high level of excellence in Service Pak sales over the past year are: Foley, Alabama, Gordonsville, Virginia and Cartersville, Georgia.