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SPRING MEANS GRILLING SEASON IS HERE! 5 top reasons a propane gas safety check is important.

Not long ago, an outdoor cooking area consisted of a portable grill and a picnic table. Today, more and more homeowners are stepping up their game, with some creating elaborate alfresco built-in kitchens, while others opt for grills with an abundance of new prep and cooking features. What do all of these have in common? Propane. As warmer weather approaches, now is the time to do your Propane Gas Safety Check on your propane equipment associated with outdoor living

Why is a propane gas SAFETY CHECK important?
-To avoid costly emergency repair bills. Preventive maintenance is important to avoid costly problems by catching them early.
-Prolonged high winds can cause problems on outdoor equipment.
-Efficiency can be improved and your energy costs can be reduced. You want to burn the least amount of fuel for the most energy.
-The life of your system and equipment can be extended. A well-maintained system will last longer and need fewer repairs resulting in lower costs.
-Peace of mind. When a safety check is completed, you should feel assured that your system is safe and in good working condition.

Propane is a naturally safe energy source and provides many benefits that ensure worry-free comfort. Blossman Gas has an enviable safety record and history due to the strict regulations and stringent codes developed by the propane industry in association with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Every aspect of installation, storage and tank filling has been evaluated to ensure the highest standards of safety and worry-free operation.
If you are unsure whether your propane gas system is working properly, a Blossman Gas trained technicians will perform a Gas Safety Check.