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Blossman Gas was asked to be a part of history at the Pine Mountain Gold Museum and Scenic Railroad in Villa Rica, Georgia. Blossman Gas in Douglasville was chosen to convert the newly acquired C.P Huntington engine from natural gas to propane. According to Linda Shaw, Pine Mountain Gold Museum and Scenic Railroad Manager, “Propane was chosen as it is greener and burns cleaner that most other common fuel sources. The City of Villa Rica began using propane autogas in our police cars to lessen our carbon footprint by lowering the pollution. With our existing relationship with Blossman Gas with the Police Department, it was a natural choice to go with Blossman for the train when it came on board.“

The Pine Mountain Gold Museum and railroad project preserves the rich history of Villa Rica’s gold mining industry, with many of the local citizens bringing in memories that have become artifacts displayed for everyone’s enjoyment. The newest addition to the park is the C.P. Huntington train for the Pine Mountain Scenic Railroad. Kids of all ages enjoy a scenic trek around the mountain on the Golden Nugget engine, touring some of the sites of the gold mining process from the 1800s and riding through exhibits.

The C. P.  Huntington was originally a 4-2-4T steam locomotive first purchased by the Southern Pacific Railroad. The locomotive is named in honor of Colis P. Huntington, the third president of the Southern Pacific Company.  Chance Rides based in Wichita, Kansas began to fabricate replicas of the C.P. Huntington locomotive in 1960.  The Pine Mountain Scenic Railroad’s Engine number 310 is an EPA/CARB certified industrial water-cooled, 4-cylinder engine fueled by propane. "This particular model came from the Atlanta Zoo where it ran on natural gas," adds Shaw, “We have worked with Scott [Weatherford, Blossman branch manager] to modify the existing propane tanks to meet our needs.  Since its grand opening of the train this past fall,  Scott and his team are always pleasant, professional, and forward-thinking, anticipating and meeting our needs.  On the occasions where we have had higher than expected usage, they have been willing to come out near the end of the week to ensure that we have plenty of fuel to accommodate our weekend guests.  They are always quick to respond, problem solvers, and very easy to work with.”

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The Douglasville, GA branch is located at 8905 Highway 5, Douglasville, GA.  Phone is 770-949-9815. Regional Vice –president is James Harris, Branch Manager is Scott Weatherford and Service Manager is Conrad Davis.