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Running a household is a demanding job, and families are always looking for ways to simplify, save and feel secure. Currently more than eight million homes in America utilize propane as an advanced energy source. Parents and homeowners are seeking clean, comfortable, environmentally friendly products and services that provide comfort to the home.

Propane-powered appliances, zone heaters and fireplaces offer busy homeowners efficiency - saving time, energy and money. Statistics show that Moms indicate that safety, environmental consciousness and using American –made products are also paramount in any home with the children.

Cost savings:  On average, propane costs about half as much per BTU as electricity. Cooking with propane reduces costs by one-third the amount compared to cooking with electricity. A tankless water heater conserves enough energy and increases energy efficiency to reduce a family’s energy cost by approximately $125 a year.

Made in America and decreasing dependency on electric: About 98 percent of the propane used in America is made in the U.S., increasing the energy security of America. Moms are finding that by relying on propane for various products in the home, including heating and power for appliances, they are decreasing the dependency on the electric grid in the event of a power outage.

For more on propane safety go to the Propane Safety page.

A Home Safety Check List for the family and home is available from PERC (Program Education Research Council) at the Propane Kids website.