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Sixty-two years ago, Woodrow Blossman founded Blossman Gas with a simple philosophy. “Blossman Gas exists for the
benefit of its people, and the continued success of the company depends on rendering superior service to our customers.” While much has changed over the past sixty years, perhaps the biggest change is the busy pace of our lives. Longer work hours, two income households, and organized youth activity programs are just small examples. This often leaves precious little time for leisure activities and attending to basic household needs.

As a result, Blossman Gas is focused on improving the manner in which we serve you and striving to do so more conveniently. We hope this quarterly newsletter will be a small step toward enhancing our communications with you, our customer, while providing information you find helpful.

In addition, to keep up with your busy life, we are implementing multiple methods to better communicate with you, and you with us. Social media,such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and a more interactive website that includes a “Tell the President” section, are all designed to provide you the opportunity to share information that will assist us in rendering superior service.

At Blossman Gas, we do so much more than delivering propane to your home. We sell, install, and service the propane products that make your life more comfortable. We hope you find this newsletter both informative and helpful.