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Yanmar Micro-Combined Heat and Power Unit (mCHP)

Product Photo - Yanmar Micro-Combined Heat and Power Unit (mCHP)

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High-performance, YANMAR durable gas engine
Self Contained Radiator Package
Quietest in its class at 54 dB(A) at 3.3 ft.
Electrical and Thermal Outputs
Maintenance Interval of 10,000 hours, 24/7 operation, 13 months and 3 weeks
Black start and off grid operation capabilities
Net metering where available
Charmingly rectangular at 70.5"H x 57.9"W x 31.5"D
Natural gas and Propane models available
UL2200 Listed


The CP10WN micro CHP provides 10 kW electrical output along with recovered heat for generating hot water at rated temperature of 158 degrees (f). That output, along with a total efficiency as high as 88%, makes the CP10WN suitable for applications like nursing homes, fitness centers, health clubs, restaurants, hotels, multifamily housing units and even larger residences. **Ask local store about pricing.

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Yanmar Micro-Combined Heat and Power Unit (mCHP)