Monessen V.F. Firebox, Burner & Logs Fireplace

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• New Triple Play Burner System® with exclusive triple effect technology producing a full random yellow flame, full depth ember bed and glowing logs

• Millivolt with on/off switch and variable flame height control

• Flexible connector included

• No venting required for ease of installations

• Consumer friendly deluxe control panel with easy lift off access for blower installation

• Fixed safety screen

• Junction box included for electrical hook up

• CSA design certified

• Available in three sizes 32", 36" and 42" units

• Available with 38,000 BTU natural gas and 34,000 BTU propane Gas

• Black trim and louvers standard

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Monessen V.F. Firebox, Burner & Logs Fireplace

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Monessen V.F. Firebox, Burner & Logs Fireplace
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