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“Blossman takes excellent care of me and my gas appliances! I know I never have to worry about them working right!” Mr. Dill is a WWII veteran.

We are proud to highlight Greenville, South Carolina as our featured branch. In the past year the branch excelled in Appliance Service Pak sales. The Blossman Service Pak is an annual maintenance and professional cleaning for your gas appliances.

Plan ahead; know the rules; meet the neighbors - these are just few tips for a success tailgate party. Read more to find out what it takes to win at tailgating!

With fall approaching, it’s a good time to give your propane furnace, water heater, range or any other propane appliance its annual maintenance check.

Blossman Gas is happy to introduce top recipe blog expert Julie May, creator of Menu Musings of a Modern American Mom, a Blossman customer for many years and a resident of Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Julie appreciates cooking with propane as much as we do. Since Blossman conjures up the memories of home comfort, cooking, and sharing favorite recipes, Julie May exemplifies all what we love as well. Blossman team member Janet Oppenheimer recently sat down with Julie for this interview. A special home comfort recipe is included so read on!