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In commemoration of Blossman Gas’ 65th anniversary year, we are providing you, our valued customers, a historical look at our company’s history and founders in a four-part series. This is the fourth and final segment of the History of Blossman Gas.

Summer may be ending, but don’t stow away your grill just yet. With fall football in full swing, it’s time to move the BBQ from your backyard to the parking lot. Next time you support your favorite team, pack up the party and your portable propane grill.

This new decade began on a sad note with the loss of Blossman Gas founder and Chairman E.W. (Woody) Blossman on February 26, 1990. However, John Blossman assumed the duties of Chairman and appointed Bob Mayer as President, David Reynolds as Chief Financial Officer and Jessie Johnson as Vice President of Operations.

Blossman Gas will help you to save money and energy by using a propane fireplace or propane logs to heat only the space you’re in, instead of heating the entire home.

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